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May 25, 2007
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Addition to Chapter 8 - Stone by Eilorendil Addition to Chapter 8 - Stone by Eilorendil
Main account: :iconeil:

View part 1 of ABC to Manipulation here: [link]
View the other addition to chapter 8 here: [link]

Hah! Caught you off guard, I bet. I didn't plan on writing any tutorials before exams had finished., and I certainly didn't think I'd finish the two parts in less than a day. But I guess the long break from tuts got my energy back... That, and I'm postponing studying. :p

I think I can call the guide complete now :)

I hope to get my next guide out before end of summer.

Stocks: :iconnighty-stock::iconkuschelirmel-stock::iconastrals-stock::iconlockstock::iconkittyd-stock::iconstocklove::iconrach-resources:

This guide is, as stated in the last part, dedicated to the GFX community at Sal's RS Forum. To those who’ve commented on my work, given me constructive criticism, given me much needed help when I pester them for it, encouraged and inspired me (in a good way)... you know who you are, even if I don’t put up your name.

The guide/tutorial may not be distributed in any way without written consent.
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natalieandpocket Apr 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd give you at least 4 cookies, one for each exam. :) very nice tutorial series. I love it! I just sent a link to a friend who has been pestering me to "teach" her Photoshop.
haha, I'll go get the :milk:! Thanks for leaving me a comment, and I hope your friend likes the tuts as well :aww: She's welcome to pester me if she wants.
this is just what i need! thanks so much!
These are all amazingly helpful- thanks so much for taking the time to make this series! :D
Thanks - and for the :+fav: too :hug:
elitobg Aug 22, 2007
Thanks , it is amazing ! As a matter of fact all of your manipulation guides are ^^ And you deserve a whole jar of cookies :D
Aww... that's one of the nicest comments I've gotten *drools* :aww: I'm really glad you like this. Since I've learned so much the past couple of months I've been playing with the thought of rewriting this whole guide; clean it up, include some more chapters etc - but not for a year, or maybe two :p
AkiHisuiQON Jul 10, 2007
Thank you for posting this, I plan on using it on some of my works. :) A+
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